We’re in a season of little things, my love. Few grand gestures, rare opportunities to go all out. The little things, they really are how we count the ways, aren’t they?

Like the 3rd cherry limeade you brought me this week.

Like ten minutes you brainstormed with me yesterday.

Like the coffee you handed me as I buzzed out the door with the baby to get his ears checked again. It was creamer-ed perfectly. I don’t know how you know how I like my coffee even more than I know how I like my coffee.

Like your arm tight around me as we watched friends take their vows and the rain poured down on us and all those “gathered here.”

Like the smile on your face as you boss me when I sass you. I like that we still flirt that way. 

Like when you put the baby to bed because he has me beat and we all know it.

Like the way you let me sleep until the very last possible minute every morning.

Like when you tell me how awesome I am because the house is clean-ish when you come home. Like the way you know I need to hear those words.

Like how much faith you have in me, the way you never question if I’ll achieve my dreams or not.

Like when you work overtime to pay for my ticket to a blogging conference.

Like the way you look at me, and the absolute certainty I have in your devotion and in this life we’re living together. 

Grand gestures are wonderful, but they’re fleeting. These little things, they build. They encourage us to keep taking little steps. They’ll see us through this season of little ones and little sleep and little time and little money. It’s the little things that make the big things beautiful.


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