About SarahBeth

I’m SarahBeth and this is the space I’ve carved out to fill with my words, and I hope, your words. I usually take off my glasses for pictures, but if you’re going to visit me in this place, the least I can do is give you an accurate picture of the face on the other side of the screen.

I’m almost 30 and am greatly optimistic that my 30’s will be filled with the stuff dreams are made of, including my commitment to this space and to putting down the words I need to get out of my head.

I am searching for community, always.

I flounder between truth and grace, seldom finding a balance.

I mother 4 little boys day in and day out, while dreaming and scrimping to bring home the daughter of my heart from the soils of far-away Africa. I’ve been a wife to my Brandon for over nine years. We are vastly different in almost everything but what speaks to our hearts most. We find our feet planted on the common ground of our faith in a God who loves us so, our tremendous love for our children, our deep desire to make a difference in our world, mutual appreciation for art, and a crazy love for one another that scandalizes our children and our parents and our siblings to this day.

Each of my children have arrived on this planet armed with an arsenal of lessons to teach their faulty mother. I’ve stumbled over the ruins of my ideals and landed on loving them hard and beginning again tomorrow. We’ve not escaped the surprises of the unexpected. We have a son with the gift (yes, the gift is there!) of Autism, and he has changed our world over and over again.

I write about faith, mothering, marriage, relationships, and the deep bits of my heart. I hope you’ll stay.


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